The pros and cons of voice recognition software

Are you thinking of using voice recognition software? As a business tool, it has a ton of potential, and speech recognition technology has proved something of a revolutionary way to speed up communication and workload alike. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few drawbacks, too. If you’re wondering if speech recognition software is the right move for your business, look no further- the Typing Company has all the information you need to make the right decision. 

Why would you use speech recognition software?

Voice recognition software is, in itself, an amazing invention. Able to take your spoken words, and not only record them for you to listen to again, but actually translate your voice into the written word. It’s easy to see how that’s a tool that can revolutionise the way you work, from assisting those with disabilities to simply speeding up your workload. High-quality speech recognition software can represent a big investment, however, so let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons in more detail.

What pros are there to using speech recognition software in my business?

Speech recognition software can bring a whole different dimension to the way your business operates. Perhaps the most obvious pro to using voice recognition software is the way it revolutionises the office space for those with disabilities or ailments which make the ‘classic’ PC setup awkward, uncomfortable or even inaccessible. From the ability to sit (or stand) for a long time, right through to accessing a keyboard comfortably with your hands, staring at a bright screen and manipulating the full span of the PC setup, there’s a lot of ways it can be uncomfortable or even completely impossible for workers. Speech recognition technology opens up new opportunities to use technologies for those with an impairment or discomfort with using a traditional PC setup. Instead, they can interact by voice and create their space however best suits their needs.

But the benefits don’t stop there, either.

Spelling and grammar

Speech recognition has the correct spelling inbuilt into the system through its very nature. Likewise, it has AI intelligence driving the use of punctuation, capital letters and other common grammar issues. Whether you speak English as a second language, need to work fast and don’t have time to double-check yourself, or simply battle with some aspects of the written English language, speech recognition software can help you make sure you get it right every time, maintaining professionality and reducing editing time.

Faster work

Talking about balancing speed and accuracy, voice recognition software will help you improve both. If you don’t have a fast natural typing speed, you will find the program far outstrips your own capabilities. And even if you’re pretty good on a keyboard, typing is a long winded process next to speaking the words clearly. Now your ‘typed’ words will keep up with the fast pace of your thoughts, and not break the chains of your ideas or interrupt your workflow.

And there’s no need to worry that the specialised nature of your work will impede you making use of voice recognition. For example, many in the medical sector are now using Voice Command technology to file notes directly into the patient’s health record. Medicine is far from the only area where specialised speech recognition is being used, and you’re sure to find a solution that works for you.

Are there any downsides to voice recognition in the workplace?

Of course, there’s always hiccoughs to work around with any change in technology. Perhaps the largest hurdle that may face you, should you introduce voice recognition to your business, will be the training period needed for the software to learn the intricacies of your voice. We don’t all sound the same, and accents can be broadly varied. Your speech recognition software will need a ‘learning period’ to get used to the voice or voices which will be used with it. Obviously, no artificial technology is perfect, and it will remain vulnerable to mistakes even after it’s been fully trained in your voice.

Likewise, there can be some limits on the vocabulary. A lot of this can be avoided simply by purchasing a high-quality program that matches your industry well, but there’s still the chance that names, jargon and slang won’t be recognised. You don’t want to have to go over your work and correct it constantly, so make sure that you choose an intelligent software option that’s right for you and consistently performs to your expectations.

Lastly, while the intention of most speech recognition software is to help you speed up your work, mistakes do happen. You may find that there’s a delay in registering what you said, and, of course, technological glitches occur anywhere. Again, choosing a high-quality program that fits your needs can help avoid this.

Voice recognition software comes with its pros and cons, but it can be such a powerful tool to revolutionise your business that it’s well worth considering. As always, doing a little research on the options available to you, and working with a recognised, high-quality provider can do a lot to ensure you get the perfect solution to your needs without hassle and fuss. As always, the Typing Company is here to help you streamline your business and ditch the admin so you can get back to the work you enjoy, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us today if you’re looking for swift, accurate office assistance.